A portfolio website without all of the hard work


Use Instagram or Facebook for your freelancing portfolio but in need of a website you can edit VIA the social network?

A portfolio is a very important piece, especially when you are looking at gigs to apply for. Potential clients want to see what it is you can do and how creative you can be.

So how do you show your professionalism without breaking the bank for an awesome website?

Stand Out from your Competitors

WordPress.org is a great tool. Once upon a time it was just a blogging site. Now you can create a whole website on it and be able to upload photos, videos, and an entire portfolio.

There is a way to also set up Instagram or Facebook as your gallery, or in other words, portfolio. It feeds from your preferred social network so all you have to worry about is your initial design.

A Unique Domain that is Recognized

This website would include an exclusive domain for your portfolio, such as yzabakes.com or barberG.com compared to your instagram.com/yzabakes or facebook.com/barberg so that the professionalism is presented. With the option of having a domain name, you also have the ability to have a custom email, such as contact@yzabakes.com.

An Affordable Portfolio

The best part? WordPress is free, GoDaddy is cheap, and this setup is pie. What you were looking to pay for your website before, you may only need a third of that with this option…even with a designer!

Think this is something that will help you and your freelancing business? Contact me today to answer some of your questions!


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