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About Christina

I’m the kind of person that loves to read books, but audio books are easier. I absolutely enjoy YouTube, be it for entertainment or education. I love to journal and make time to reflect on my blessings in life (because sometimes it’s hard to feel that way in the moment). I’m a spiritual person, but maybe not religious. I’ll take crafty classes and have an occasional brunch. I love hiking, yoga, walking, chatting and spending money in the Target dollar section. Very open minded and can accept to agree to disagree without trying to change someone else’s perspective.

I’m also a big nerd for digital marketing strategies. I geek out on results.

Peanut Media, a professional  digital marketing agency focuses on website designs, branding identities, and content strategies for the business owner and online brand. My favorite part is reinventing my client’s objectives, and from that, curating valuable results for them. It is not something you often get to do with any typical job. Moreover, my digital marketing agency has allowed me to connect and work with great people and their businesses.

P.S. If you need something I can’t help with, I’ve curated a list of other wonderful media businesses who can help!

Why the peanut?

Peanuts are symbolic of prosperity, wealth, the stability of life, fortune, benevolence, and empowerment; Seeing peanuts in your dreams, being given them, or growing them, is a strong representation of this omen/interpretation. Peanuts are a sign of blessed times. As a time of worry falls behind and a new era of happiness anew steps forward for you.

In Chinese culture, peanuts symbolize health, long life, birth of prosperity, and continuous growth.

Who is Peanut?

Peanut Media started off as a side brand; a project for a school final. We had to create a website for a fictitious business. Knowing me, it had to look and feel real. I decided to make it relative to my degree, which was in multimedia design.

But what about the name? It couldn’t be that hard. Choose something meaningful, something you love, right?

I had to dedicate this project to a special someone other than myself, for motivation and for purpose.

Isn’t family a drive for motivation and purpose? Becoming a mom and having the ability to work with flexibility for my family was the dream. 

My husband is 6’2″ while I am 5’1″. An ongoing joke of ours was that he is an elephant and I am his ant. So what was our little in between?

My little peanut is finally here, 7 years after accidentally opening Peanut Media as a business. I am so excited to have this business continue to support me and my family as we grow!

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