Ask the Google, it knows everything


I know it has been completely obvious. I have a favoritism for Google, but let me have a chance to explain. Google knows everything.

Gmail, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Docs; the list goes on.

Google pretty much owns the internet. People use it to search, people use it for email, people use it for a lot of things. Just think of the term “Google it.” People prefer Google over other search engines available.

However, it is not only because the products are good but can also help your business succeed without breaking the bank.

Social Media with Google

Google has it’s preferences with Social Media. Their first preferences go to Google+ and YouTube. Of course!

If you Googled your own small business, currently your first result would be Facebook or Twitter, but if you owned a Google plus page, know that you have a preference on the right hand side of the search results. The more content your Google+ page has, the more preference you have for that obvious spot. This is especially important because this spot is on the first page of Google.

Now, this is mostly a benefit to searches that are specific to you. Let’s say you are an insurance company in Tucson. 123 Insurance. You create a Google+ page and are active on your posts. On the right hand side, you are allowed the space to organically advertise your business. If you blog on your site constantly and someone organically comes across your post, Google can associate your website with your Google+ page and will link your profile with your post. Pretty cool, huh?

Videos are always on the top of the search. Why? YouTube is owned by Google. Video Keywords are also a huge reason why. Google reserves most of the home page for video results.

Add Your Business on Places

Ever wonder how you get your business location registered with Google? Places is a little similar to Google+ pages, used to show information about your business. It adds your address and information on the right side of the search results AND on the bottom of your link in the search results.

Email and Store Documents

Have you ever wondered why everyone has a Gmail now? Most likely it is because you are required to sign up for one when you buy your first Android or because you have also noticed it is what is being used and hotmail no longer seems “hip” anymore.

Whatever the situation is, Google is making sure that their products can be used with a single login. It is convenient for you, and most definitely convenient for them. Their free email service offers many awesome features, like Alternate Email Address (here), Google Apps for Work (here) and Canned Responses (blog coming soon).

Microsoft Office is pretty expensive and it is needed for everything business. From Word to Excel, to Powerpoint, we need it all. Drive offers Docs, Sheets, and Slides free for your convenience. All stored online for your convenience. Edit from your computer, your tablet, your phone. No excuses on not being able to write that report.

Analyze Your Website

You don’t always know how many people are looking for your website. For that, Google Analytics does the trick. For free of charge, you can view many stats such as demographics, pages looked out, organic reaches, referred websites, browser used, geographic locations, and much more.

If you can view this type of information for free, it would seem a waste not to use it.

Google Keyword Planner

This actually exists. What is it you ask me? Google gives you the ability to research the keywords that would work for you. You need to make sure your target keyword at least reaches 300 searches in Google per month to determine if it is a good or bad keyword.

A Second Phone Number

I don’t like people I do not know to have my cell phone and it would be nice not to have to answer a business phone call at 10 pm without ignoring important unknown calls. Google Voice allows you to have a phone number that rings to your cell phone and other phones you may want to include.

Have 8 people on your team? Put out your advertisement with the Google Voice number and it rings to all 8 of their phones. That easy.

Want to make sure you know what calls are for your business and which are personal? Tell it to read as your Google Voice Number so that you can label these calls. The missed call will show up in your gmail, so you will always have the callback number.

Again, free. It uses your cell phone minutes or your landline service. You can even answer when you are logged in to your Gmail account on your computer.

Need to send texts but want to protect your personal phone number? Receive and send with a special number straight from your native messaging app. The receiver sees it as your Google Voice number. – URL Shortener

So your email address may be as long as mine, When you add a sub, it is even longer as “” is.

Let’s say I want to target a certain URL and I want to know where my leads are coming from. I hand out some postcards at one event,  hand out postcards at another.

If I shortened it with a Google URL Shortener, it will make me a designated QR code and would look like this:

Not only does it make me a QR code to insert and shorten the URL so that it is easier for people to type, but it gives me analytics as to how many people have used the QR code or typed the URL. I can then link with Google Analytics and determine the amount of traffic that came organically or referred from this postcard.

Talk about measuring your marketing techniques.


I think I have made my point when I say that Google has an advantage on the internet. Google knows it all. It advertises in the correct audience email addresses, has pay-per-click advertising, and even has apps that work along side other of your favorite subscriptions. I could write a million more things that make Google great, but why don’t you see for yourself how it can help your business?


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