What success looks like in 2020 among the COVID-19 pandemic

business success during coronavirus

Hey, remember when we said 2020 would be our year? Remember all those goals for business success we had. Moreover, remember all those dreams we planned on working towards and the success we envisioned?

If someone asked you, “If you could have more time to work on something you have been DREAMING of putting out into the world, what would it be?”

And if someone asked you, “Why have you not done it,” what would you say?

When you posted your December 31, 2019, motivational memes and mentally promised yourself new year resolutions. You envisioned a brighter future for yourself. You made plans, outlines, and manifested what fulfilling those goals felt like.

Then COVID-19 struck, and it feels it came to throw us off course, but why? And how can we sure business success during coronavirus and after passing it finally?

The Uncertain Future for Businesses During Coronavirus

One thing is certain, COVID-19 will change the world we return to. This fear of the unknown has instilled paranoia for people in their everyday lives. Moreover, it is the reason for society to adapt and pivot to fit into this new world.

Mark Mason, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, makes a comment in one of his newsletters that people will be still be wary when our regular routines resume. We’ll be replacing “FOMO” with “FOGO,” the fear of going out. He guesses malls will be more empty, restaurants, gyms, and events will be closed and cancelled longer than we anticipate. Businesses will continue to offer employees the option to work from home. We will be contemplating whether it is worth the risk of going to birthday parties. Furthermore, hanging out with friends or even family–opting for video calling instead.

With that insight as to how this world as we know it is gone. Technology, the internet, and all things virtual becoming MORE essential than ever before. That’s why pivoting your small business or even your side hustle is CRUCIAL at this point in time, as to not fall behind and stay a Luddite. The goal is to remain open even when your doors are closed. Adapt to this time in business and pivot your strategy. Business success during and after the coronavirus depends on the actions you take today.

Examples on How Companies are Pivoting

Girlboss hosted their Girlboss Rally online, open to the entire internet for a whole week via Instagram stories. The summary was sent to subscribers inboxes via a newsletter with links to different resources of that day’s topic. If you have not checked it out, I suggest you do. Great valuable information on so many topics, including what’s happening in the world right now and their advice on navigating it.

A consortium of six expert child care staffing agencies located in 20 major metropolitan areas have created One to One: Essential In-Home Childcare for America’s Workforce, to provide relief to essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Trusting Connections, our local child care staffing agency, now assists parents virtually with nannies and home school helpers to keep little ones engaging while parents navigate the new necessity of working from home while kids are out of school.-

Examples on How our Local Tucson Business Community has Innovated

Brunch Babes Tucson is hosting online events during this time while you miss going out to interact with others. Their Facebook group has always been a large part of their communication with members of the community, and now the physical events have become virtual events as well as a means to support the local restaurant’s new curbside pick-up and takeout options.

Skinology Studio now has a shop that sells facial tools and products for your at home skincare, along with other self-care products during your time at home.

Ambrosia Cakes, a wedding cake business who is usually fully booked with ONLY wedding cakes, is making Quarantine Cupcakes to fill the current pause in their usual routine and SOLD out within 24 hours.

Tipsy Picassos is offering online art classes with material kits purchased for curbside pickup. Enjoy a little painting time from the comfort of your home–now available ANYWHERE you are.

Little Bird Tucson, a gently used baby clothing & gear store, used to mainly post items via Instagram to bring traffic into their brick and mortar store. Once the order was placed that only essential businesses were allowed to be open, they redirected their traffic to their website, where they are now selling exclusively.

These local places are still showing up for their community and providing great customer service while practising social distancing. It just goes to show that business success during coronavirus can come in different forms.

It’s Time to Adapt to a New Future

The possibilities are endless online if this is where your business can pivot, no longer limiting you to local options. You don’t have to put an idea on hold while you know what you are doing. Use this time to adapt and innovate your side hustle or small business.

So what is holding us back?

FEAR. But fear was always around. Fear of failing, fear of starting, fear of criticism, fear of opinions. Don’t dwell on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do.

Business success during coronavirus is challenging, but it’s undoubtedly doable.

What are some ideas you’ve thought about implementing in your side hustle or small business?

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