Choosing your format to save some time with marketing

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So you’ve created an outline of content by now, right? Good. You make me so proud. 

You know how it sucks to sit down and think of content for blogging, emails, and social media posts?

One of my most common complaints about blogging and pursuing an online presence isn’t finding the ideas to create content, or designing graphics, or shooting photos – it is finding time to do all of it.

However, you my friend, won’t need to worry about the time it takes at all, because we have a special tool called content marketing and our next step is to determine the formats.

You can really curate it in any way, but I always recommend starting with a blog post, then sending out newsletters in segments, and then creating social media posts from your original blog posts to lure in your prospects (into the web lair).

Remember this? (If not, here it is.)

1 blog post ➜ 3 email newsletters ➜ 20 social media statuses 

Connect your content marketing tools to save yourself time and the effort it takes to create content. BAM.

How, do you ask?

Elaborate your ideas in a blog post, that way you can create traffic for your site. It is convenient for people who are searching for things you are writing about.

For example, let’s say you write something about “How to Help your Joints Move and Feel Better.” People are searching on Google for “how do I relieve joint pain,” right?

If your blog specifically writes about joint pain and you populate on Google, people will find you. If they like what you wrote, you most likely will have a new subscriber.

People subscribe because they want to continue to read what you had to post, they want to read the knowledge you shared, they want what benefits them. Make sure your blog highlights those needs of your prospects.

Once you are regularly posting on a blog, you can cut it up in three different pieces to send out as email newsletters to your subscribers. You can create a sort of segmentation, such as:

Blog Post Title


Headline One

Headline Two

Headline Three

Do you notice how there are 3 separate headlines?


These make 3 emails you can send out. Elaborate on Headline one, two and three separately.

Email is very effective because normally you write to people who already subscribed to you or clients that at least know of you. These prospects and clients now trust you with their information.  You’ve gained their trust, now woo them in with yo’ sweet talkin’.

Plus they don’t have to click on a link to read it anywhere, it goes straight to their inbox.

Convenient, no?

So let’s say I wrote a blog post about puppies and how puppies hate hugs (I know I was very sad when I found out too).

If I create a whole entire blog post on why dogs hate hugs, I can create 3 newsletters on why dogs hate hugs.

The first newsletter could be headline number one, they feel like it is a form of dominance, headline number two is they feel they cant escape you, and third is because they were not meant to give hugs to.

So then you go on an elaborate the three email topics as to their descriptions, keeping them short because it keeps your audience engaged and waiting for your next newsletter.

Now you’ve kept your clients up to date with your latest and greatest info.

Once you have a blog post and a newsletter, in order to drive traffic to your blog post, you want to make sure you use social media.

You can create content the same way you would create headlines. Here are some examples:

  1. [IMAGE] Here are the reasons why dogs hate hugs. [link]
  2. [IMAGE] Did you know your dog hates when you hug him? [link]
  3. [IMAGE] Dogs don’t feel happy when you hug them. See why here. [link]

Other ways of content marketing you should maybe consider:

  • videos. They are really easy to do, most of the time free. Just make sure your quality is good or it can hurt you.
  • events. They are labor intensive, but you can get a good conversion rate because people love to be involved.
  • podcasting. Everybody loves to listen. It is simple and inexpensive.

How do you decide which platforms to choose? Well, just ask yourselves:

  • What would work best?
  • What am i actually going to do?
  • Can I make videos?
  • Do I have a good camera?
  • Do I have someone that can follow me around with a camera?
  • Do you have an area to podcast where it is silent so that you can sit down and focus on publishing a helpful episode?
  • Do you have time to do social media or hire someone to do social media for you that actually understands the topics and the kind of voice you want to have for it?
  • What is the easiest thing I can do for my business?

Those are the type of questions you should be asking yourself to see exactly which formats would work best for you and what platforms to choose, as well as the what your clients would prefer.

Are your clients mostly on social media, do they listen to podcasts, are they big video watchers, do your clients open emails with videos, what would be the easiest output for your client to be involved with your business?

There really is no magic spell to do content marketing and it all depends on what your clients are really looking for, but the best way is to live and learn. The best way is to try a format and if it doesn’t work, switch to a new one.

Next up: Find the right people.


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