Start your side hustle with a good looking website.

There is a right time to hire a website designer but it might not be possible when you are just starting out with your business and that’s okay!

Not sure how to move forward new venture's website?

It seems overwhelming figuring out which direction to go with a website for your side hustle. You see options to choose from but can’t figure out what is best for you and your business, leaving you wondering if hiring a web designer is the only way. Especially when you have so many other things to consider about marketing your business online, like:

These items take time and dedication to learn and experiment with before figuring out what your ideal audience wants, so as a new business owner who is learning their brand, it makes more sense to DIY a website on Squarespace or Shopify that allows you to learn these elements before investing into a custom dynamic website.

Video chat with Christina to help you gain clarity.

This consulting call is for 1-hour via a recorded video conversation that goes in depth into discussing your brand, what you are doing well and what can be improved.

At the end of the call, we will discuss 3 action steps that will get you on track in creating your new site via Squarespace or Shopify and collecting the data you need for your side business so you can successfully continue marketing online!

$100 investment /hour

We can talk about these things & more.

Online Branding

Creating a consistent identity across the internet so your people can find you.

Web Design

Choosing a DIY platform that best benefits your business' needs and tracks information neccesary.

Content Strategy

Planning meaningful, cohesive, engaging and sustainable content for your target audience.

Social Media

Creative visual direction + posting strategy tailored to your brand.


Newsletters, email sign-ups, blogging, paid advertising, re-targeting, and more.

Future Opportunities

Sales funnels, quizzes, courses, and other engaging items to add to your business model.

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