How free Gmail emails may prevent you from sending campaigns via an email marketing platform

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Every email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others have a set of policies to place in order to avoid fraudulent activity, spamming and other nonsense annoying people do. Currently, Yahoo and AOL have enforced these policies. If you use an email marketing platform from Mailchimp using these emails as your From email address, there is a chance your list may not receive your email. The reason for this is that when you send an email with your Yahoo account from your Mailchimp account, it appears as if your yahoo account has sent the email but Mailchimp’s servers actually do all the work and this goes against Yahoo’s policies.

Gmail to experience deliverability problems

Gmail is in the works in releasing this same policy but has yet to let us know when this is going to happen. This means that in the future, you may experience problems when sending a campaign via Mailchimp with a free Gmail account.

In simpler terms, you’re going to want to change your email to a professional email, such as Otherwise your emails will most likely start getting bounced!

How to make sure you avoid this issue

When I started Peanut Media, I knew I wanted a custom email domain, but already loved the functionality of Google’s Gmail. I saw an ad for Google for Work and decided to try my 30 day trial. I LOVED that I didn’t have to give up all the functionalities Google has to offer and it will only cost me a few bucks a month to have. I have not wanted to try another service since. This is a way to make sure I do not need to worry about the Gmail changes in deliverability. Let me show you how.

    1. Start with a free trial with Google for Work. You will be asked to enter your information.
    2. You will be asked if you want to use an existing domain or if you want to purchase a new one. I recommend using your existing website domain so that it matches with your email.
    3. Create a username and password. You can create a username that includes your first name or something different like hello or info, for example, or
    4. Work through the setup process of adding other users (not necessary if you are a sole employee of your business) and verify the domain following the steps. The verification may get a bit tricky, but most of the time it is fairly simple to do.
    5. Add MX records for Google for Work to your domain. This can be added wherever your domain is located, but can also be added to where it is hosted. For example, my domain was purchased on GoDaddy, but I set up my MX records via my DNS settings in Bluehost, where my domain is hosted.
    6. Once you complete these steps, Google will have a verified domain and you are done!

When the setup is complete you will get 30 days of free usage. After that, you can choose to pay monthly at $5/mo or choose to have a 1 year contract and pay $50/yr divided monthly. Just make sure you add billing information! Otherwise your account may be frozen after the 30 days until payment issues are resolved.

Does this sound like something you need? Send me an email and I will be more than happy to send you a code to save 20% your first year.

Do you think you will need some help verifying the domain and setting the records? Contact me so that I can assist with this and get you all setup.

What do you think of Google’s platform? Do you prefer this over the normal POP options that other companies provide? Do you also love the different apps that Google has to offer, such as the calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Forms? Let me know in the comments below!

You can read the official Mailchimp article here.

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