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Karol has a talent for lettering. Any lettering.

Her niche is in chalk lettering signs and addressing invitations. If you are having a baby and you need a custom chalk board with baby elements, she’s got you. If you need some pretty brush lettering to address your invitations, she’s your gal. While you are at it, you might want to have her make a sign that leads your guests to the reception. I think you get the picture. pretty letters don’t stop there.

Sincerely Karol started as a series of letters to her son, documenting his every accomplishments. As he draws closer to turning 1 year old, Karol decided that her blog should be more than just letters to Milan. She had a bigger vision, but let’s give you a back story to her grand idea.

Before becoming a mom, she used to decorate cakes. She hated the idea of baking them, it was such hard work, but decorating made them all worth it. When her sister was pregnant and hosting a baby shower, Karol was the organizer of all the things pretty. She was in charge of the invitations, the cake (which she of course made), the snack table (all the pretty deserts!), and the handmade decorations. She did it again for her nieces first birthday and again for her own baby shower. It was not until Milan was born that she realized what her passion was: decorating.

You know, they all had one thing in common: the invitations were all addressed by hand, the cake was decorated in pretty colors and letters and the desert table signs were in fun chalk lettering. Her friends and family began to ask her to decorate for their parties, and so Sincerely Karol pt II began.


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