Posting cautiously on September 11th


We pay our respects every year for the tragedy that occurred September 11, 2001. What better way to do this than with the social media channels we all have grown to enjoy?

Believe it or not, it is a little more complicated than that.

With social media, we have to be a little more careful with the things we say, as the audience is the toughest critics we may know to exist.

The AT&T 911 Tweet

In September of 2013, AT&T released a tweet in remembrance of the tragedy using the phrase “never forget” and something that may have looked a little too much like product placement.

This received many angry replies, including one that is quoted:

 @ATT How dare you?! You’re using this tragedy to ADVERTISE? GFY.

The original AT&T tweet was deleted and was immediately replaced with the following words from AT&T:

We apologize to anyone who felt our post was in poor taste. The image was solely meant to pay respect to those affected by the 9/11 tragedy.

Original Article found here.

Precautions to Posting on 9/11

You do not have to post anything for September 11th in remembrance of this tragedy, but if you would absolutely like to, it is recommended you use an image that is not at all offensive nor commercialized.

  1. Flags and photos of the towers would be a perfect example of what to post (make sure you have copyrights and do not copy from Google, because that may become a different pickle).
  2. Make sure your copy is completely related to 9/11 and not at all your product or services.
  3. Do not post anything else for the remainder of the day, again, so it does not appear as you trying to commercialize the day.

With touchy subjects and social media, we have to be careful with what we say.

Do you feel that including your product or logo in a photo of remembrance of 9/11 is commercialized or just themed?


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