Signs it’s time to hire a professional


Although you feel a designer’s pricing may be at loss to you, it may actually bring you a return on your investment.

“I can make time.”

You just don’t have the time. You are getting so busy in your small business, and you love it but will always want more. However, you already feel overwhelmed with all of the the duties you have in your small business, let alone create the materials to market yourself. You know it’s time when you would rather someone do it than worry about doing it yourself.

“Purchasing marketing materials is expensive.”

We have all heard it, we have all thought it; is it really as expensive as you feel it is? Your time is worth your entire business’s making. Calculate your annual makings, divide down to the amount your hours are worth. Do you really want to sit in from of a computer with that limited program that was bundled to your essentials and spend 2-3 hours on a flyer when you could be conducting more business by handing these out AFTER they have been created for you? If you are making more hourly than the designer is charging you, it might be more a loss to you not to hire a designer. You can’t afford NOT to.

“I have a logo and I paid $10 for it online.”

It’s understandable you want to save as much money when starting your business to reduce the costs for everything else you had to purchase, but when it comes to a logo, let’s admit; you want something completely unique. You want someone to say, “I know who they are” and be familiar with your colors, letters, and graphics. You want your potential clients and customers to remember you every time they see that font and that color. When purchasing a generic logo, you may be missing out on this relationship with the public, as anyone in your same industry can coincidently pick that same logo and there is nothing you can do about copyrights.

“I like having different colors and different layouts that I can get with my installed program.”

Although different layouts and colors may look pretty and eye-catching in a different way every time, you want to keep your look consistent. With the same concept of your logo, you need to make sure that when people notice the small series of colors you use, they know it’s you. What would the major brands look like in a different color? The arch is green instead of yellow? What do you think of then? Probably not that brand at all. Themes have to happen for a period of time, with colors that compliment yours but different enough to make it stand out from your other themes. Will you know how to do this without changing your color scheme and presence?

“I can handle it.”

Sure, we know you can. We genuinely believe you of all knows best what your company does and how you want to promote and market yourself, but once more: Do you want to spend your time worth money to sit in front of a computer to piece a project together when you can be hiring someone to do it for you cheaper than your time is worth? Not only will you not have to worry about it, but you will have a professional think something together and a creative thought that may not have occurred to you could be what attracts those clients. Plus, this is 100% deductible from your business. At the end of the year, you get it back! Will your time be given back to you?

“I am creative enough to do it myself.”

No one questions creativity, but there are different forms of it. The best kind of creativity is collaboration. You get feedback and other ideas to make sure you have ostentatious material. On another note, will you know how layouts affect the consumer’s eyes? It’s not just creativity, there is an analysis part of it too. The average person has a 6-second span. Does your material grasp that person’s attention in 6 seconds or less? 10 seconds, oops, you lost a customer.

“I take more pride in my marketing materials.”

Without a doubt, you know your business. Heck, you created it from the ground up. However, hiring a designer or marketing agency to do your work does not mean pride will not be an outcome. These agency’s are paid to be creative and successful by their trusting client’s. Why at all would you doubt their techniques while they are still in business? It must mean they are doing something right, right?

Reach out to us today for a consultation. We may not take peanuts, but we definitely will take care of your business the way you do.


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