Social media marketing vs content marketing

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Now, recently this topic has been sparking interest everywhere: What is best, social media marketing or content marketing and what is the difference?

I want to answer this in a way that does not exclude the importance in one or the other, as, quite frankly, they are both vital to your business. However, one is definitely more powerful and will help you manage your time a little better.

What is This and What is That?

Social media marketing is the type of marketing expressed on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. etc. Usually, you want to include links to blog posts or products so that your audience can link to your business. It seems like keeping up with your social media sites may be a little tedious, as they all have different requirements and you might not have figured out that Hootsuite can post the same post throughout of all your social networks (yes this exists), but even then, it seems you have to be thinking of clever things to say and may not know what you want to say to your audience.

Content Marketing is a variation of marketing which can help you reduce the time you are spending marketing your business with the same effect if not better. This includes but is not limited to your blog posts, your newsletters, your social media posts and white papers you may produce. In case you did not catch that, content marketing includes your social media marketing, but reduces the amount of time spent trying to come up with catchy phrases that are 120 characters or less.

Create Your Own Platform

The key to Google liking your business is to having your own website. Social Media links help your website pop up a lot more often. So in reality, social media links will only be valuable to your business if you have a website. You may come up a whole lot easier with social media links, but it will not help your business if your clients or customers can not see your product or services in full detail. A social media site can only hold so much information about you.

Now Strengthen It

Now, I am not saying that having a website will have Google say, “Wow, this business is cool! Let’s put it number one!” just because you created one. You have to add content. Add a few of the normal kind of pages: Home, About, Contact, What We Do, and so on. Add the data that explains you in each page, but you can’t stop there. You have to constantly feed the website information to make sure you keep a place in Google and rise up. So how do you do rank up in Google without overfilling your current pages or adding more? Simple: Start a blog!

There are a lot of different types of blogs, but I recommend WordPress to each and every one of my clients. It integrates seamlessly from the start, hosting your website and blog as one. How does this help? If people are searching “How do I clean my turtle?” and your blog talks about turtle cleanliness, chances are they will find that blog post. Once they do, the navigation will allow them to view the remainder of your posts and view your entire turtle related website. Fantastic, right?!

Time To Get Real About Marketing

So if maintaining the content of your website still does not seem as important as interacting with your current audience on Facebook and other social media sites, think again. Did you know that Facebook is beginning to reduce the amount of organic reaches your business page receives? Yes, it is dropping to 1-2%. Why? Oh, the usual. Trying to make more money from you your need of advertising.

You know you do not want to pay Facebook to raise your organic reachers. How do you avoid paying Facebook to advertise but still reach targeted clients?

You guessed it! Having your own website, that is how! Google likes websites, especially mobile! (Next week’s topic.) You have beat them from your need of advertising by having your own platform.

“But, I still want to make sure my current followers see that I am still active. I do not want to drop social media websites to focus on blogging.”

You do not have to. The beauty of it is it all connects. Consider the following strategy:

Step 1: Create a blog post that talks about one topic but different subjects to consider.

Step 2: Send a newsletter to your existing database about this new blog post. Post a clip and add a link so they can read it on your actual site.

Step 3: Chop that blog post into tiny little pieces and post those pieces on all of your social media sites one by one with a link to your blog.

See where I am going with this? Social media marketing is fantastic and helps you connect to people. Content marketing allows you to implement your site and your social media networks all at once, boosting your search engine optimization and allowing you to connect with MORE people.

Your website is your most important tool. Why not implement it?


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