The one email mailing list everyone hates the most

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Who hates receiving newsletters that fill up your inbox to see this?

Grr.  I know I hate it. Lucky for you, my dearest friend, I’ve found a website that can delete ALL of the subscriptions you don’t want.

This is the best thing ever invented. Unroll.Me is a service that will scan your email and show you all of the subscriptions you have to allow you to unsubscribe in one place, with one click, without going through all of those emails.

Did I just answer one of your prayers? I hope so.

Your other option is to turn on the Promotions tab in your Gmail inbox so that you don’t even see them in your inbox as unread and have the option to read them WHENEVER YOU WANT (that is if I finally convinced you to convert to Google, which most likely I have because it is the best ever).

So let’s get to the real reason I wrote you today.
Most people don’t love emails like most people don’t like infomercials (I love them, which is why i use most but thats not the point) so you need to make sure you follow the same rules.

Rule #1: Be consistent.

Your subscribers signed up for your list to get the awesome stuff you promised in the subscribe box. You probably offered a freebie of some sort and BOOM you got a subscriber. Maybe you sign them up when they become your client and you say to them “I am gonna enter you in my mailing list if that is okay,” and they say “it’s okay,” and now you have a subscriber. I HOPE you at least mention it to them, otherwise people will get upset. I have a story for that, but I will get to that some other time.

You’ve written them at least once a week for 2 months, let’s say, and then you fell off the wagon. It’s been about 2 years since you wrote your last email (dang, time really flies) and now you decided to write your first email since.

Let’s say you write to your 200 subscribers and send. It seems right, right?


Here are 200 people that don’t know you anymore. You are not even on their radar, and now you want to sell something to them. No bueno. A lot of angry people. Unsubscribing left and right. Marking you as spam.

What do you do? You gotta start fresh, my friend. Square one with the people you know will enjoy your email and you still have communication with. Your current clients, your spouse, your siblings, your mom, and your dog if he is into email.

So how do you start adding people? Use your same old technique if it worked, be sure to tell them you have a daily/weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly/whatever email newsletter you send out with valuable information of ::insert service here:: and stick to it.

How would you like it if I promised you a second rule to this series for next week and you didn’t get it until next month? If you love me, you are gonna notice and say, “what the heck, peanut, I was waiting for part two.” I can’t do that to you, you can’t do that to your subscribers.

Just in case you scroll to the bottom and didn’t care to read my awesome info (tear) you should use Unroll.Me to unsubscribe from the annoying newsletters. And if you are asking why I would tie that into this series, it’s because you will then also understand what it’s like to see names of people or companies that no longer write you and still have your email.


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