Your customers want your expertise: Content marketing part II

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Why, hello there. It’s me again. 

My last post I told you we would be learning to create quality ideas. The point of this is to create blog content for an audience of prospects that will eventually become your clients. People who are looking for an expert will pay for the expert that knows the stuff.

& if you are asking yourself, “What could I possibly say that people would want to hear,” STOP.

Seriously. You are a genius and you don’t even know it.

People need to trust you, and what better way than sharing what you know.

How do you create quality content, you ask me?

You curate content from your brain. That knowledge you have, that you use every day to run your business is exactly what your prospects would love to know. Do not take it for granted. All we have to do is sit down and think about who you want to reach and what they need to hear.

Your clear position will help you write better content.

1. Listen to your current complaints. Think to yourself what clients normally do that just doesn’t make sense (i.e. when I’m asked to “design” a word document). Create a content marketing plan that tells your clients what can be done and what can’t be done, give examples, make an argument—and at the same time show your expertise.

2. Listen to your opinions. Your point of view and strong opinions are necessary here. Your passion for your material is exactly what is needed for content marketing. People will continue to listen to you if you prove to be very informative and passionate about your topic.

3. Listen to your audience. Always ask questions to the prospects you want to market to. What do they want to learn? What do they think they need help with? Always take note of what they have to say.

Remember: Quality is always key, especially when it comes to content. There is a whole lot of stuff out on the internet already, but most of the time it is just generic or recycled info. If you want to do content marketing right, you need to make your content stand out. It will be beneficial for you if you publish high-quality and relevant topics to an specific audience, aka your target market.

You want to be perceived as an expert, so your goal is to create original material. Sit down and think of the things you want your client to be doing before they come to see you, such as research or additional pre-steps (I think that is word, if not, you get me).

Clients tell me all the time they want to be on the first page of Google. Trust me, we all do, but it takes work. I sit down and tell my clients they need to curate content for their website, with the most specific information about what they do for business and articles for their blog. The more specific information you have on your website and blog helps. Most of the time I get back that they want to pay me for that. I cannot stress enough what a mistake that is, and that is me telling you I’d rather not have your money!

You see, I can tell you all day long until I am blue in the face what will work for your digital marketing attempts. I can tell you what posts will be the most engaging in social media, what type of content will work on your blog, and give you all the rules for online marketing. It’s what I specialize in, yo. I can tell you what kind of content you can provide your audience and what will work for Google, but what I can’t do for you is tell your clients what topics you specialize in. I can’t create these articles as original content because I don’t specialize in your business. You do.

You want to make sure your business has a voice and 99% of the time, you know it’s best that the voice is you. Blogs should be no different. It is the voice of your website, which at the end of the day is also your business.

Burn this into your brain: Original and engaging content is king.

I believe so much in content marketing that I am willing to tell you I’d rather not write articles for you (and lose out on making hard-earned money) to allow you to write your own.

I promise you that if someone else was writing these emails for me, you would not receive the same enthusiasm I give and it would sound so generic, causing you to lose interest. I’m a big nerd for digital marketing; I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. 

Next up, we will determine the formats in which you present your content marketing.

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