Your email address can say a lot about you

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Common sense is that email addresses such as will make your resume look cheap compared to, but what about email addresses for business professionals?

Independent businesses are usually on their own: their own identity and their own expenses. A lot of the time as an independent professional, it is difficult to understand and even know what options you have for anything pertaining to the internet. We know that social media has become the new advertising, and you are nobody without a website, but what about your email address? What does it say about you?

I did not want to be the one to say it, but if your email address ends in and, know that you are first to be judged.

Then there is the, and As professional as they may seem, it makes some people question the reason you have an email since these came with your internet providers.

As obvious as it is, Google has taken over the internet world. It has given us great access to many apps with a single username. Gmail has become the newest, most commonly used email, but that isn’t to say it is safe from being judged especially if you consider yourself a professional.

Now you are thinking, “Geez Christina, you are bashing my email address. What is wrong with you?”

Well, how would we, as consumers, feel if Starbucks® would respond to our inquiries via a “” email address?

There is a solution. This involves Google, of course.

Google offers two different options. One is free and one is inexpensive. I will explain them both and then its up to you to decide if  this may benefit you.

Google Apps for Business

This has been my personal favorite and Peanut Media Co has benefit with this option. For $50 a year (divided into monthly payments), you can have a Google account with your domain name hosted with Google Apps for Work. You enjoy the same apps as you do now, but receive an extra 15 GB of storage for a total of 30 GB. Your email address is completely separated from your personal address, and you will show the professionalism with

Thinking of adding more members to your team? Why not give them an email address that represents your business as well with

Pros –

You receive 15 GB more

It separates business and personal

Cons –

Each email costs you $50/year

There are DNS setups that are required.

Gmail Alternative Email

I used this in my earlier days as a freelancer. I owned my domain email address but my unlimited email hosting plan was expiring. I did not want to pay another year’s worth of the horrible server service (do not ask me which company I used, I am sure you are aware), so I decided it was time to find an alternative.

After some research, I came accross intructions on setting up my domain address to my account in order to SEND emails. I followed the instructions (found here) and was able to receive emails from to my gmail account. I could also set it up as default, so whichever kind of email that came in would get a reply from and not

The next step in order to RECEIVE emails is to set up that email on a email hosting plan that usually comes with your website hosting plan depending on what you use to host. This may or may not cost you extra; it just depends on the service you are using.

Once set up, you can have Google to use POP3 settings (instructions found here) in order to extract emails being sent to your hosted email to Gmail.

Voiala! You are able to receive and send from two different email accounts, free from Google!*

Pros –

You can use your exisiting Gmail inbox for both email addresses

Free from Google*

Cons –

*You may need to pay to have your email hosted

If you use a personal account, your emails may mix with your business emails.

There are many steps needed to set up this account

Christina, free is better!

It is. They are both really good options, though.

Like your slacks, your haircut, and your manner of speaking, your email is part of your image. Keep in mind your audience and what they may feel about your company if you are still using a account. They may just feel you are not as professional as you really are.

Have you ever felt a prejudice with your use of email address? Do you ever feel unprofessionalism due to someone’s email address? Share it with me. I would love to hear about it.

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